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?What do you want to achieve or avoid? The answers to this question are objectives. How will you go about achieving your desired results? The answer to this you can call strategy.?
                      William E Rothschild

We will work with your organization to bring it into compliance with ISO 9001 and/or AS 9100 standards.  We  insure there is a balance for effective management and efficient and effective operating processes and procedures with a creative forward-thinking strategic direction. 

Some important categories are:

Are Your Customers Asking or Requiring You to Meet ISO 9001 International /AS 9100 SAE Aerospace Quality Management System Standards?

Are They Asking You To Improve The Quality of Your Products - Whether Goods or Services?

Is Your Organization's Quality Slipping?

Are Your Defective and Returned Goods Out of Control?

Are You Losing Loyal Customers?

Is Your Employee Turnover High?

Is Your Market Share Eroding?

Is Internal Conflict the Order of the Day?

Do You Want to Improve The Way You Do Your Business?


-  ISO 9001 and/or AS 9100   Standards Compliance
- Team Building
- Process Improvement
- Customer Focus
- Continual Improvement
- Corrective  Action
- Preventive Action


- Leadership Skills
- Awareness & Behavior
- Interpersonal Skills
- Business Plans


- Vision, Mission, Values
- Quality Policy and Objectives
Leadership Responsibility - Management's leadership and involvement is required by the ISO and AS Standards.  It is critical to create and sustain values, direction, communications, expectations and customer focus in order to promote performance excellence.  We will work with your organization to insure that responsibility and authority is properly assigned and carried out throughout the organization.  We will support management review requirements to establish progress, results and determine opportunities for improvement.

Strategic Planning -  Your company leadership sets the strategic and business direction.   We will work with your leadership team to establish your quality policy and objectives and to assist, as necessary, with the Business Overview and Business Plan.  Then we will help you to strategize and operationalize how your plans are put into action.

Customer Focus - We work with your team to establish systems to review customers' contract requirements in order to meet the expectations and meet or surpass their satisfaction requirements.  We will work with you to establish means to meet their requirements for satisfaction.  We will then work with your company to build on those relationships.

Information and Analysis - We will work with your organization to get necessary documents, records and analysis in place.  By using data and information in the organization you will better understand areas for improvement and how your organization is performing in areas such as financial, property, inventory, product conformity, on-time delivery, training and /or  sales.

Human resource development and management - We encourage your management and associate team members to develop and utilize their potential. We will work with your organization to  build and maintain a training program that meets ISO/AS requirements and provides an environment conducive to performance excellence as well as personal and organizational growth.

Design and Development Planning - We will help your organization to plan and control the design and development of products to be in compliance with ISO/AS standards.  We will assist in establishing design and development inputs, outputs and required reviews.

Product realization
- We work with your organization to design and manage processes in compliance with ISO/AS standards.  We will assist in writing required quality manuals, procedures and work instructions to be in full compliance with ISO/AS standards and customer requirements.

Measurement, Analysis and Improvement - We will help you to set up monitoring  and recording organizational performance and improvement in key business areas.   Methods for disseminating effective communication of results throughout the organization will be established.

Risk Management - We will help those seeking AS 9100 certification to determine and manage their risks.
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Kinesis Development is a knowledgeable resource.
And we are on your side.
How Do We Begin?

We begin by Focusing On You and Your Team!

We meet with company leaders.  Our goal is to listen and understand.  We listen for where your organization is now, what you want as you go forward to gain ISO/AS quality system compliance and what you already have in motion to get you there. We then work with your team to analyze the issues to be addressed, identify your quality objectives and determine the resources needed to help you to achieve your goals. 

From your current needs, we work with your team to create a customized program that will meet your organizational needs. Depending on what is going on in your organization, we can work with you and your team on your
ISO 9001 and/or AS 9100 quality system compliance, Strategic Planning,  and/or Leadership growth to become more effective in their workdays and in their lives. We can work on your Processes and Systems to streamline and improve them.

Overall, we determine what is needed to best meet the needs of your organization to accomplish your organizational goals, get agreement from the decision-makers in your organization and provide a contract clearly outlining the services we will provide.
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